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About Lateral Labs

Lateral Labs

Lateral Labs is located in Perth, Australia. Lateral Labs has an initiative which goes beyond paying homage to the latest trends; it is in an investment in the future of our organisation and yours. It enables your business to stay current, and easily implement industry advances.
The availability of new solutions and technology presents opportunities to radically change and disrupt markets; your business can unseat the traditional players in your industry. With many technologies at fraction of their previous cost, you can affordably grow your business.

What we do

Lateral Labs is the Innovation division of our company that focuses on new technology and its practical and beneficial implementation for your business. It includes creating Intellectual Property through joint ventures with Customers and developing new solutions with the latest technology.

We help business build an innovative future;
Lateral Labs will help you make smart technology decisions today.

We educate customers - the range of opportunities available with modern technology has never been so high.

We learn - through experimenting with the technology ourselves, we use our experience to benefit the customer, allowing you to quickly implement the solutions into your business.

We provide solutionsask us about a Design Thinking Session.

Lateral Labs can show you how you can pragmatically use technology to innovate.
Consider how your business could potentially utilise:

  • Mobile
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Drones / Robots
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Visual detection and recognition

Our Investment, Your Future

At Lateral, we have dedicated staff working solely on Innovation, Intelectual Property (IP), and Research and Development. This change in our focus has been reflected at a senior level:

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Motivation for Change

Lateral have always done research and development for our clients; a trip to the Silicon Valley in the United States changed our thinking. Research and development is the first and most vital step towards innovation and the adopting of new technologies, we decided we can offer businesses more. By creating Lateral Labs in July 2015, with our more dedicated approach, we can enable businesses to innovate, grow and change in more ways - adopting new, breakthrough technology and creating more unique and disruptive intellectual property.

Get On Board With Lateral Labs!

Want to know more reasons why you should choose Lateral Labs?
We’re making an investment in Lateral, just like you are with your business. Our businesses will grow together.

We know what we’re talking about when we say the words: research, development, and technological innovation.

We think Lateral Labs are awesome, and we want to tell you all about it – so Contact us so we can answer your curly questions!

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